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Hi, Iā€™m Elias!

I help e-commerce brands (DTC) elevate their ROI successfully on Meta and TikTok.


Brands that trust me

My mission is to help brands tell their story, sell their products, and scale successfully!

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The challenge...

Growing an e-commerce brand is not easy, especially on paid social. To understand what is going on at every stage and to know what actions to take next, can be overwhelming.

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Questions you might ask yourself

Which campaigns?

Which products and what creatives (images & videos)?

How do I know if I am on the right track?

When to increase/decrease daily budget?

What and how to test? How to grow sustainably?

Cooperation and Teamwork

Why you should work with me

Psychology-based advertising. Experience with industry-leading brands.

I help you with all steps in the process. Sustainable growth for your brand.

Weekly reports for your overview. No headaches for you.

People buy from emotion, often linked to their problems. In all my strategies, I focus on creating positive emotions in the potential customer.

Paid Social in 2024? Finding the winning creative as fast as possible!

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carousel ads & collection ads

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My Services

Assisting a Person Board

Including getting to know the client, company/brand, products, the clients views, how they work, etc.


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Including identifying potentials such as target groups, personas, customer behaviour/pain points/emotions as well as product benefits.


Copywriting - Hand Writing

Including initial 10-15 texts as basis for first setups, with different angles and hooks. Ongoing improvements and new texts.


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Including clear plans and organisation for new creatives, as well as data-driven analysis of images and videos in order to adapt strategies accordingly.

Creative Strategy

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Including pixel and tracking integration as well as proper testing.

Technical Setup

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Including weekly setups, targeting, different audiences, numerous ad formats.

Campaign management

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Including horizontal (campaigns and creatives) and vertical (budget) scaling, aiming for a sustainable growth.

Scaling & Optimisation

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Including content and creative ideation and concrete suggestions for improvements.


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Including check-ups every one to two weeks, where results and trends as well as next steps are discussed.

Cooperation & Meetings

Elias quickly identified the pain points our customers have and developed a creative strategy that appealed to their emotions. Our monthly new customers increased by 2000%.

Daniel ā€“ CEO of Orderlyze.

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Interested? Book a free call or contact me per e-mail or WhatsApp.